Mummates Community guidelines

Mummates endeavor to provide our community members a positive and encouraging environment to share, care and have heaps of fun. Mummates community guidelines are established to keep this community a safe and relaxing platform for our members. Please read these community guidelines carefully. You agree to abide by these guidelines at all times while using

Be respectful

Everyone is unique and have their personal views and preferences, always be respectful of other users. Try not to take things too personally and ensure you communicate with other users in an understanding manner.

Avoid personal attacks and insults

We encourage our members to agree or disagree with the opinion; and not the person. A personal attack on other community members publicly or privately is strictly prohibited. You must not “vent” your feelings about other user by using their screen name or any other information. Respect other users if they do not accept your friend request or delete your comment from their post.

We encourage discussions and dialogue on controversial issues

During discussions and providing commentary always be prepared to be differed, challenged or questioned. We want our users to express themselves and practice free speech with respect and consideration toward each other.

Multimedia contents

The views and ideas expressed in the third party links and user contents which include multimedia contents such as videos, blogs, articles, links and images are strictly those of the owner of that content. Mummates do not advocate the quality, accuracy, safety, reliability or applicability of the views expressed in these contents

Personal details are best kept personal

We advise you not to share your or another user's personal information publicly or privately on Mummates. Since you use this site at your own risk, always follow the best practices for staying safe online. Mummates will never seek your personal information via any of the functionalities on

Avoid any discrimination among users

We do not tolerate any hate speech, smear campaign or any other form of attacks based on but not limited to one's ethnicity, sexual preferences, race or religion. This is a platform that encourages users to encourage, empower and uplift each other.

Winning social contests

When a winner is declared, we display the winners username and profile photo publicly for congratulatory purpose on and any other Social Networking Sites (SNS) linked to Mummates.


We do not manufacture or design any of the prizes but simply post it and hence we do not guarantee the colour, design and condition of the prizes when you receive them. .

Help us keep Mummates orderly

We do not permit any adult contents to be posted as a screen name, profile photo or anywhere else on Mummates. Illustrations, images or photographs that depict violence, animal cruelty, pornography and abortion are strictly prohibited.

If you see something suspicious report to us.

We partly rely on our active users to keep Mummates safe and orderly. If you find any suspicious activities or activities that are against the community guidelines please feel free to report to us at . Do not involve other users if you believe you have found suspicious activities or a user who is not “legitimate” as this may cause confusion and may interfere with our efforts to deal with the situation promptly.

You cannot use Mummates for advertising and promotion

Advertisements and promotions which includes charities, charitable causes, brands, competitor's website, organisations, pyramid schemes and any other such as these are strictly prohibited on Mummates. You may create groups for your personal website, family business or home business for promotion.

Goods and products can be advertised and sold only on "Shopping Aisle". Refer to Terms for further details.

This is not a platform to seek Donations or any other form of monetary help.

We prohibit our users from using this platform to either provide or seek donations or any other monetary help from other users.

Criminal or illegal activities will be immediately reported to concerned authorities must not be used as a platform to involve directly or abet other users to participate in any sort of criminal or illegal activities. If we identify any criminal or illegal activities on this website we will contact the concerned authorities immediately.

Ideologies, personal choices and beliefs

While Mummates encourage users to discuss and share their views on various topics that are personal and sentimental, it is in no way a platform to promote, push or endorse any particular form of ideologies, preferences or beliefs.

No multiple accounts on Mummates.

One individual can only have one account on Any duplicate account will be cancelled.