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The process of bonding between a mother and a child is natural; the process of bonding between friends is experiential.

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Social media today, due to its inability to discern communication from chaos has made it more difficult to have honest conversations with real people. We at Mummates believe amazing things happen when women get together to share, care and have fun. We motivate our users to acquaint with each other over common experiences, crazy talents, weird ways and life's passions. Kick back and experience a sense of camaraderie with other women across New Zealand through our versatile and engaging activity stream. Mummates provides a platform for users to create their experiences and share them through public discussions and personal messages. Stay informed and be entertained at all times by accessing treasure load of multimedia contents from New Zealand and around the world on topics that impact you.

"Independence"... [is] middle-class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. G.B. Shaw, Pygmalion, 1912

Let's get together

Join or Create and moderate your Groups that resonate with your passions, interests and causes. Mummates Group is a powerful way to bring like-minded women together to share their views on a particular topic, provide expert advice, support each other and drive awareness on issues that you are passionate about. Privacy setting allow you to keep your discussion and activities in the group restricted to members only. When you signup we connect you with relevant groups based on the information you provide. Options for creating Groups are endless the choice is yours.

—Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a community work, a society work, a civilization work Vince Lombardi

Amazing prizes to be won

You're probably still not quite over the emotional letdown of not winning the Powerball. Well, good news! We have regular online contests that are engaging and entertaining. Social contests are not just about knowing how much you know about something but its also about testing your limits and letting you think out of the box. Get involved and stand a chance to win amazing Prizes, coupons & gift cards.

Shopping Aisle

At women rule! Shopping Aisle is an authentic and community-centric online avenue for users to buy and sell items on On Shopping Aisle there are no auctions just honest prices. You can buy and sell any items like clothes,baby furnitures and toys, jewelleries, electronics, automobiles, paintings that you legally possess in New Zealand. Whether you are promoting your small business from home or showcasing your creative side by selling handmade items, we have the right tools to get you started.

Selling on Shopping aisle

  • Choose from Starter, Regular or Mega pack.
  • Upload photos, describe your item and enter one fixed price for your item
  • Check the details, click confirm and you are all good to begin your ad campaign.

Buying on Shopping aisle

  • Search for item/s that you intend to buy.
  • Ask questions or negotiate with the seller directly through personal instant messaging
  • Saw something you liked and the price is just right? Click on “buy now”
  • We will connect the seller & buyer to proceed with the purchase.
  • Liaise with the seller to complete the transaction and leave a feedback